Crazy for Collage

I’ve been re-scanning some of my ACEOs and cropping them in various interesting ways in preparation for uploading them to Etsy. I’ve been hesitating for months about adding this one to the collection because I just love it. And then I thought, “Oh wait! I could make more of these!”

I’m not always rational when it comes to my art. I’ve got pieces here that I haven’t yet wanted to share with the electronic universe. Part of that is because photographs or scans just don’t do them justice. And part of it is because there’s just so much emotion poured into them that electronic reproductions just dilute it too much. Oh the other hand, I’ve got plenty of pieces where the whimsy and fun come through loud and clear.

I’ve also got pieces here that don’t seem all that fabulous, and yet other people think they’re wicked cool. Back in the day when my major artistic outlet was writing, I wrote about a character who was an artist (among other things) that painted the emotions she heard in other people’s voices. Sometimes I get the spooky feeling that I’m channeling her. Or maybe, when I was writing about her, I was saying something about myself that I’d hadn’t even known about.

Anyway… about Crazy for Collage. I’ll be putting it up on Etsy sometime in the future. Watch for it.

Crazy for Collage

Crazy for Collage © Kelly Naylor 2006