About Me

I’m an artist. A computer programmer. And a geek.

I could say more, but then it would be a book and you’d have to go buy it.   🙂

Ok, seriously, Readers Digest version?  Despite drawing a pretty darn realistic image of a Baltimore Oriole in its nest back in second grade, I never thought of myself as an artist.  That bird drawing seems to have been a fluke, because when I draw things, the stuff on the page doesn’t look like the image I had in my head.  Not even close.

But back in 2000, I suffered a devastating loss.  I was kind of broken for a year or so.  After a while, I started looking for angel images… good ones, not the icky, sickly sweet stickers that seem to be everywhere.  I thought, “Hey, maybe a rubber stamp!”  I scoped out Michael’s and AC Moore and JoAnn’s and any other store I could find that sold rubber stamps, but was generally unimpressed and uninspired by the selections.

One day, early in 2002, I was visiting my favorite computer store and noticed that there was a rubber stamp store right next door.  A whole store dedicated to rubber stamps?  Whoever heard of such a thing?  So I wandered in, fell in love, and even walked out with a nice angel rubber stamp and an ink pad… and probably some paper and paper punches, too.  And I signed up for classes to learn how to make all sorts of things with rubber stamps and all the accoutrements that go with the rubber stamping and scrapbooking hobbies.  I was hooked!

This is where my time sense fails me, but after quite a long time making greeting cards and Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) / Art Cards, Editions and Originals (ACEOs), bookmarks and other paper products, I visited a friend out near Boston who got me hooked on Encaustics.  I loved the abstract paintings I could create with wax!  I thought, “Hey, I’ll bet I could create some pretty amazing abstracts using watercolors and acrylics and all the other things I have here from my rubber stamping obsession days!”

Yes indeed.  I’ve managed to create quite a collection of abstract art using many different media.  Many of the walls in my house are covered with my art.  I have many volumes of portfolios holding the unframed pieces.

I’ve sold art at art shows and craft shows; I sell my art online (see the links to the right for current locations); I donate my art to worthy causes (for auctions and the like); and I give it away as gifts.

If, during your journey through the site, you see a piece of art that you’d like to have for your collection that isn’t already for sale at one of the sites to the right, just email me.  Could be the piece has been sold… but it could be that it’s available just for you!