If you’ve been checking out this site for a while, you’ll notice this is the second time I’m showing this particular painting.  That’s because I’ve decided to start posting some of my already-framed work on Etsy.  Most of said already-framed paintings are encaustics.

So if you are interested in starting your holiday shopping by buying everyone on your list an original piece of artwork, now would be the time.

But get this… because you — my loyal readers — are cooler than most people, if you want to buy one of my paintings before I put it up on Etsy, I will give you a break on the price!  Why?  First, because you’re so cool.  Second, listing things on Etsy is a little bit of a pain in my already painful neck. Just email me, or use the contact form.

This offer will apply to any painting I’ve talked about on the blog, but have never uploaded to Etsy.  And if you catch me on a particularly good day, it will also apply to paintings that I have uploaded to Etsy, but have expired.