Raging Storm Redux

Tired of fractals yet?  I’m certainly not.  Gads, how I love them!  But let’s take a break, just for today, for something different.

A delightful friend and chorus mate just bought a new house with his partner.  The cool thing about the house is that it’s right up the block from me.  As a housewarming gift, I wanted to give them an original Aerten Art. Since I recently finished cleaning out my studio, I had quite a number of finished pieces that I’d forgotten about.  This one just jumped out at me and nearly screamed, “Yes, yes!  Give me to Robb and Jason!!”

So Raging Storm is for Robb and Jason.  It is acrylic on linen paper (first posted on June 23, 2008).

Raging Storm

Raging Storm © Kelly Naylor 2008