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Egads, no post in forever!

Well, first there were the holidays. Who can manage to keep up with blogging during the holidays? (I know, I know… millions of people do. I’m just not that organized.)

Then there was the dead car. Who can create art when you’re stuck 500+ miles away from home?

Finally, there’s the new website. Ah! Now, that can be considered art! Sure, it’s a techy and geeky thing. But creating a website is part art, too. At the moment, it’s pretty much just a gallery for my art. Oh… except for the watercolors. They’re not up yet, but should be by the end of the week. I’ll eventually get PayPal buttons on there so folks can purchase art right from my site. There’s already information on the Sales tab about other sites where my art is available. And events! I’ll post all the art and/or craft shows I’m attending… as soon as I register for some. I may or may not move my blog over there.

I did create a couple of small pieces of art over the holidays… gifts for relatives. They were pleased, and I was pleased that they were pleased.

Other than that, art-wise things have been pretty slow. But now that the holiday madness is over for another 10 months, I’ll be able to get back to messy creativity!