I Drew a Picture

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’m an abstract art kind of gal. That’s because I can’t draw. Oh sure, there was that time in second grade when I drew a picture of a Baltimore Oriole and its nest, but that was a fluke. The thing is… I want to be able to draw! I was going to sign up for a drawing class at school, but since I’m not a matriculated student (I’m a mere employee), by the time I could register the class was already full.

So when Jessica at cre8it announced she was going to do an online drawing class, I got very excited! I’d taken her online journaling class, and that was excellent. We’re coming to the end of Week 2, and we’ve drawn all the basic shapes… circles, squares/rectangles and triangles. Thanks to an increasingly wonky printer/scanner, I haven’t been able to scan my “homework” assignments until today.

But ta da! Look! I’ve drawn something! And I even recognize what it’s supposed to be! Go Kelly! Go Kelly!

I can’t wait to see what we’ll be drawing this week.


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