Collaged Words: Hope I

This is the first in a series of collaged ACEOs I did towards the end of last year. Actually, there’s two series… one with words, one with lovely ladies and children. You’ve already seen one of those. You’ll see even more in the weeks to come.

Like all the cards in these series, Hope I has a number of different papers from my enormous stash. Tactilely, that blue-fading-into-green bit on the right is one of the most awesome papers on these cards. It’s soft and almost… well, furry… at the green end.

I will probably put them up on Etsy, but I have to have more Photoshop fun with them first. (Everything on Etsy is square. These obviously are not. So I have to go change the canvas size on all of them. And while I’m at it, I’ll probably just create close up views of different parts.)

Hope I

Hope I © Kelly Naylor 2007