Large Abstract No. 19

In addition to all being watercolors and measuring 9″ x 12″, the other thing the Large Abstract paintings have is common is the use of masking fluid.  That’s what the while bits are in the paintings.

It dries to a gummy consistency, a bit like rubber cement.  But unlike rubber cement, it starts out with the consistence of the glaze you put on donuts or bundt cakes.  I can paint designs with it, or (as I’ve done with these paintings) drizzle patterns or random splotches on the paper.  Once it dries, I paint over it.  And then, when the paint is dry, I just pick and peel the dried masking fluid off the paper or canvas.

This stuff works fabulously with watercolors, and is a dismal failure with acrylics.  I haven’t tried it yet with temperas.  It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

This piece will be available on Etsy in a few days.

Large Abstract No. 19

Large Abstract No. 19 © Kelly Naylor 2008