I Call To You

This painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 14″ x 11″.  In it, I see people stretching their arms towards their fellow humans, who are off the painting and unseen.

Today is World AIDS Day.  Over 25 MILLION people have died from this disease since 1981.  Of those 25 million people, close to 200 of them have been my friends, my neighbors, my coworkers, men and women I’ve sung with.  Fifty percent of all new HIV infections are found in young people — people under the age of 25.  And 33 million people are living with HIV/AIDS.

AIDS doesn’t discriminate.  It kills men, women and children; young and old; rich and poor; gay and straight; from every ethnic group, from every country, from every religion.

Let’s not forget that we are the people… perhaps we are reaching our arms out to others, and perhaps we are just off the painting, reaching down to help lift someone up.  We’re all in this game of life together.

I Call To You

I Call To You © Kelly Naylor 2008