Chocolate Macaroni

So from where do the names of all these paintings spring?  Most of the time, I know the name of the painting by the time I’ve finished it.  “Gee, that looks like…” or “Oh, that reminds me of…” kind of things.  Sometimes, it might take a few days of glancing sideways at a painting before I get to that “Aha! I know what you are!” point.

On occasion, I’ll already have the title… it’s coming from someplace outside myself.  I’ll have a need to paint a song, or a recurring thought, or a phrase that keeps popping up around me.

And every once in a while, someone will say or write something that’s so weird that I think, “Whoa!  I have to paint that!”  That’s the place Chocolate Macaroni came from.  My buddy Mike meant to text “chocolate macaroons” to me, but his ever-helpful phone thought he should send “chocolate macaroni.”  Since he was commenting on one of my other paintings, I told him I’d paint the macaroni instead of the macaroons (and really, we’d much prefer to eat the macaroons rather than the macaroni).

So I present Chocolate Macaroni, a mixed-media (watercolor, acrylic, ink) painting on 9″ x 12″ canvas board.

Chocolate Macaroni

Chocolate Macaroni © Kelly Naylor 2010