Art Squared

Art Squared… when I first discovered this particular art movement, it was described as “a format of collectible pieces of art in a square format up to 14 inches” (eBay Art Square art2 group). A recent wander through Google seems to say that the preferred size for Art Squared art is 4 inches. Bah! Stifling my creativity you people are!

Well, not really. I really like this square format. I have a couple dozen pieces that measure 3.5-inches square. Why? Because it’s a cute size. I’ve also got some 5-, 6- and 8-inch square canvas pieces.

From the reading I’ve done online, I’m surmising that the 4-inch crowd are the swappers… trading around the little squares like artist trading cards, only square (and with a smidge more room for all that fabulous art). That’s cool. I don’t have any room in my house any more for swapping… I’ve got well over 1,000 ATCs that don’t see enough of the light of day. Sadness.

Me, I’m sticking with any size under 14 inches that makes me happy. This one is Abstract Squared 9, and measures 3.5-inches square. I’ll be taking all my little square to Niska-Day, too.

Abstract Squared 9

Abstract Squared 9 © Kelly Naylor 2007