The Challenging Alphabet

Back in the day, I participated in a lot of greeting card and ATC (Artist Trading Cards) exchanges, most of which had themes. A common theme, for the ATCs at any rate, was the alphabet. You’d sign up for the exchange, giving the swap coordinator the letters you wanted to use. Hardly anyone ever wanted letters like Q and X. But for one swap, I actually volunteered to created a card for the letter X.

What was I thinking?! Ok, I was thinking, “I’m an English major! I love words! I can do this!” Of course, I wasn’t going to use something lame like “x-ray” (besides, this was about using rubber stamps, and I didn’t have any stamps of bones). So I scoured my dictionaries (everyone has six, right?) and found this delightful and delicious word: xerophyte. Doesn’t it just trip off your tongue? Xerophyte!

If you’re from out west and have xeriscaped your yard, you can probably guess what a xerophyte is. For the rest of you… it’s a plant adapted for growth under dry conditions; desert plants. And, ah ha! Don’t you know I just happen to have several stamps of cacti!

And so I present to you X is for Xerophytes!

X is for Xerophytes

X is for Xerophytes Ā© Kelly Naylor 2006