Max Memed Me

Max over on BritishSpeak tagged me for this meme. I’m supposed to copy the rules here, tell you eight random things about myself and then tag a bunch more people.

  1. I don’t like following rules.
  2. From kindergarten through senior year of high school I visited the Art Institute of Chicago at least twice a year.
  3. My favorite song about an artist is Don McLean’s Starry Starry Night.
  4. Most of the jewelry I wear is stuff I’ve made myself (but I don’t generally wear jewelry, except the earrings my husband gave me as a Christmas present a bunch of years ago).
  5. My husband is also an artist.
  6. A whole lot of my art is in my online gallery at
  7. I like to paint while watching DVDs of old television shows that I’ve rented from Netflix.
  8. I sold greeting cards, jewelry and artwork out of my office at my last place of employment (and my coworkers were excellent repeat customers).

That’s it. If you want to continue this meme, go for it! Otherwise, see #1 above.