Kokopelli Wind

I have a friend who paints almost all her paintings with tempera paints.  I think she’s even painting on newsprint.  Talk about impermanent!  (She does scan them and sell the prints, so I guess there’s some permanence in that.)  Because she obviously enjoys the temperas, I thought I’d check them out and see what was so great about them.  After all, I haven’t used them since… oh, maybe second grade.

Wow!  They are so much fun to smear around with items other than brushes.  Yeah, I was finger painting.  Well, it was more like whole-hand painting.  I did three paintings with the temperas.

(Mr. Aerten must think I’m completely insane.)

I may do more with this medium.  I like the way the colors overlap and merge in a way I can’t quite achieve with acrylics.  There’s some music I’ve been listening to that’s going to need this effect, I think.

But darn it… I really need to clean out my studio first.

Kokopelli Wind

Kokopelli Wind (c) Kelly Naylor 2008