Art Tile No. 133

This is one of the tiles Mr. Aerten’s aunt did not take back to Arizona with her.  I’ve relisted it on Etsy.

You may wonder what the heck you can do with these things, other than admire their beauty.  Well, you could put it on a little easel and display it on a shelf, desk or table.  I have the first one I ever made on my desk at work.  People admire it whenever they come to bother me about some silly computer-related issue.  It’s my compensation for being bothered, you see.  Mr. Aerten has one in his office, on a shelf where it won’t get buried or broken on his messy desk.

Another thing you could do is actually attach it to your wall.  Seriously!  These are the very same ceramic tiles you can buy at any home improvement store… except these are beautiful.  Remember the friend for whom I made the Eyestalk?  Well, she put several of these up in her bathroom.  They look fantastic!  And when Mr. Aerten gets around to building our new house, I’ll be putting some up in our new kitchen.

Last, but not least, you could use one of those spiffy plate hangers to hang it on the wall like any other piece of Aerten Art!

I’ll be relisting the ones I have left in stock, so keep watching the Etsy store. These would make outstanding holiday gifts!

Ceramic Art Time No. 133

Ceramic Art Time No. 133 © Kelly Naylor 2007