Art Tiles

Mr. Aerten’s mom and one of her sisters dropped by on Friday to shop.  Seriously shop.  This is the sister I’d never met… the one who lives in Arizona.  Apparently, the holiday cards I sent out last year impressed her so much, she needed to see more of my artwork!

(I have to take a moment to brag on Mr. Aerten’s family… they are all wicked cool.  I’m just tickled to have so many awesome in-laws.)

Anyway!  This is one of the seven art tiles Mr. Aerten’s aunt took home to Arizona with her.  So it’s too late for you, my dear readers, for this one.  But I still have a few left, and I’ll be putting them up in the Etsy shop in time for the holidays.  For a sneak peak on what will be available and what’s been sold, check out my gallery.

Ceramic Art Tile 120

Ceramic Art Tile 120 © Kelly Naylor 2007