Skateboards? And a Mug!

I thought Zazzle was going wild and crazy with the shoes.  But now you can get skateboards with art all over them!  I’m not going in that direction, by the way.  Well, not unless I create some ginormous TIFF files.  Oooh, I wonder if some of my doodles would look good on a skateboard!

Nah…  I’m going to stick to more, um, normal things.  For example, an absolutely fabulous coffee mug from the Doodle Collection.  You’ll recognize the piece from July 9’s Wordless Wednesday…  Joy Is Like the Rain.

Imagine sipping your favorite tasty beverage out of this mug, while all your coworkers gaze in admiration of your excellent taste in dining accessories, and your vast good fortune in owning some Aerten Art.