Painting From the Source II

I didn’t mention that we’ll be working on ONE single painting all week.  I have never done this before… I paint what I paint, all in one session.  Then it’s done.  So, new experiences.  And honestly, I see the point of it… but I’m feeling like I have ADD.  Oooh, shiny.

And there’s that ineffable something that’s been stuck inside for years that’s never given itself up to the written word or to any type of paint.  Yo, it’s manifesting now.  That’s pretty interesting, don’t you think?

Oh, and even though it’s one painting all week, it is a pretty organic thing… it can grow to astounding sizes.  I’m not exactly sure what size a single sheet of paper is (12″ x 18″ maybe?), but I’ve got nine panels put together.  I’m learning how to paint very large… but I’m not sure it’s going to translate very well to the encaustics.  The watercolors, acrylics and temperas… definitely.  But I’m still contemplating the concept of very large encaustics (for Monique and her guy, of course).