Being Buddhist

It’s not what you think.

I work for a college. Because I work for a college, I get to take classes for free. (This, by the way, was one of the big selling points for accepting this job.) So, this semester, I’m taking a class called Buddhist Traditions. This is ever-so-relevant when I tell you about what happened yesterday afternoon on Etsy.

They had server problems. Being an IT geek, I understand server problems and I understand that server problems happen.

But all my page views were reset to zero!! I just totally freaked out! How am I supposed to know which items are the most popular? I’ve been obsessively and compulsively tracking my page views for weeks now… and suddenly they all disappear?? Watch Kelly go into melt-down mode!

But I had to go do the things I had to do in the evening, and then (of course) I had to go visit other EntreCard blogs and drop til I dropped. And when I woke up this morning? Yep, I realized my “attachment” to my page views was gone. Really. So my page views are all 1 now. Whatever. (Ok, some are 2. Still.)

Oh, and I can give up this thought, too: Ceramic Tile 121 has 66 page views and no one has bought it. What’s wrong with it? Exactly! There’s nothing “wrong” with it! It’s a perfectly lovely ceramic art tile that is just waiting for the perfect owner.

So… hooray me, hooray for Buddhist Traditions and now I have an interesting anecdote to share with the teens and 20-somethings in class.

Ceramic Art Tile No. 121

Ceramic Art Tile No. 121 © Kelly Naylor 2006