Fractal Art on ImageKind

I love fractal art. It’s almost meditative to create. (In fact, if there weren’t so many distractions in my environment — horrible desk, worse chair, demanding cats — it actually would be meditative.) I love being able to share my art with people, too. With most of my art, that’s pretty easy. It’s all original, so I just offer it for sale on Etsy or my website. (I tried selling it on eBay, but original art doesn’t seem to sell very well there.) But what about digital art?

Well, there’s CafePress and Zazzle, of course. But I was looking for something a little more… oh, I don’t know… classy. That’s where ImageKind comes in. Most of my fractal art is available there. You can choose different sizes and different paper types. You can frame it, or not. And if enough people buy my digital art, I’ll be able to buy a new computer desk and chair! (I took the widget out. It was really messing things up in WordPress.)

And a note to frequent visitors… while I do try to make a post every day, sometimes I just need to catch up on my reading for class, so I will be forced to skip a day or two here and there. Buddhist Scriptures aren’t as quick to get through as a Rachel Caine novel!