I’ve had a Zazzle store for a while. Nobody ever goes there but me, it seems. Now that I have new friends here, I’m going to share some of my Zazzle booty with you. I should mention that I’m a magnet freak, which explains my first offering. (I was all set to get one of those brushed aluminum refrigerators a few years ago until I realized magnets wouldn’t stick to them. What’s up with that?) Anyway, click on the magnets to get to the Zazzle shop.

Chakras Magnet magnet

This is a portion of my encaustic painting, Chakras. It captures most of the texture and brilliance of the original (which is also for sale, but only through email until I get more PayPal buttons up or put it in Etsy).

Abstract Squared #9 Magnet magnet

This piece is Abstract Squared No. 9. The original sold last summer at stART on the Street to a young (preteen) lady who spent her own money on it. I know how kids hoard their money, so when she decided to spend her allowance on my art… well, it still brings tears to my eyes. I’m so honored.