Online Auctions

In the course of my EC dropping today, I came across an interesting post on Lofty Matters about a WordPress plugin that would allow me to host auctions right here on my blog. It’s called WP Auctions Gold, and at first blush looks pretty exciting.

I should mention that I’ve tried selling my art on eBay. That was a huge flop. I’ve tried selling my art on ArtByUs. Again, no sales.

This is a plugin I’d actually have to <gasp> pay for, but the price isn’t outrageous. They say that with their RSS feed, potential bidders would be directed to my site from theirs. That would be good, because while there are those among you who do stop and read and even comment, I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people who just drop and run.

I’ve got the plugin page bookmarked and will be thinking about it. Any potential source for selling my art ought to be carefully considered, after all. If any of you have thoughts on the matter, please feel free to chime in!