We’re Havin’ a Party!

Well, no, the party’s not here… but I am bringing one of the gifts! Marcus over on Internet Business Guide is celebrating nearly reaching an Alexa rank of under 50,000 (and he would have except for the pesky little detail about Alexa changing their ranking algorithm the other day). He’s giving away all kinds of prizes, one of which is my Acid Rain painting!

I’m not going to post all the gory details here. It’s a really, really long list of amazing stuff… way longer than any post on this site ought to be. You’re welcome. But do click on the party icon and visit Marcus’ site and celebrate! Get down and boogie! (Sorry, a little flashback to the 70s there.) There’s definitely something for everyone. And who knows… you could wind up a winner of an original Kelly Naylor watercolor painting!

(Oh, and Santa… that spot on Turnip‘s site would be really sweet.)