More Fun with Etsy

Things are not going well for the people behind the scenes at Etsy. They had another server failure last night, causing about 10% of all page views to be reset back to zero. Now, the first time this happened, I was pretty calm and even philosophical about it. But this time? Well, this time, I’m a little annoyed.

Oh, not the page views themselves. It’s the technical stuff that worries me. They’re not a newbie organization like EntreCard, where you’re going to expect some problems in the growing pains stage. Etsy has been around a while and ought to have this figured out by now. Sigh. Whatever. (Or WHAT-evah, as my daughter would say.)

I’ve start listing my original 9″ x 12″ abstract watercolor paintings on Etsy. (See? No hard feelings!) I think they’re pretty reasonably priced at $25 (no matting, no frames), and I’ve decided to include free USPS first class shipping to US address ($2 for other places on the globe).

This painting, Acid Rain, looks pretty cool on the screen. It looks even better in person. πŸ˜‰ Watch for it on Etsy. You’ll see it pop up on the widget over there on… hmmm… Saturday, I think.

Acid Rain

Acid Rain Β© Kelly Naylor 2007