A Day in the Life of a Blog

Wow.  I’m exhausted.  But I think I’m done doing everything that needs to be done.

I got home from my weekly shift at the co-op and started in on switching from the Blogger blog to this new one.  First, I had to delete all the posts (including all the ones where I was talking to myself, but I backed ’em up first).  Then I re-imported everything from Blogger.  I cleaned up the categories (again), switched my address on EntreCard and put up the widget over here.  Got the redirect thing happening (ouch), then spent the rest of the afternoon resizing graphics, uploading them to my site and changing each and every post so the graphic was no longer running off to Blogger.  I liked that Blogger did all that resizing for me, and if anyone knows of an easy way to get graphics into a WordPress blog, please share!

I’m going to fetch a wee bit o’ food for noshing while I go drop more cards!

And thanks for the encouragement to move to my own place, everyone!