Oodles of Doodles

Did you know that May 8 through May 14 is Doodle Week? I think maybe Claire made it up, but so what? What fun!!

I’ll be participating, of course. I’ve been doodling lately, mostly inspired by Claire, Laura and RaShell. The thing is, my doodles are actually… well, kind of deliberate. They’re not mindless wanderings of my pen. I never doodle when I’m on the phone. (First, I try to avoid ever being on the phone, and then I try to get out of a conversation in under three minutes, and if I’m on a call for longer than that I’ll pace.) I hardly ever doodle in meetings. (Though lately… oy, have I been in some loooooooong meetings!) Mostly I doodle while watching my DVDs. heh heh heh

Oh. And I have to add color to them because… well, because I love color! So stick around for Doodle Week… coming soon to a blog near you!