Doodle Week: Bug

Yay!!  Doodle Week is here!  I’d be jumping up and down with excitement if I wasn’t still half asleep.  But I’ll do a little Happy Dance later!

Since bugs are kind of oogie, I decided to doodle the least oogie of all bugs… everyone’s friend, the ladybug.  My grandmother used to always say that it was good luck if a ladybug landed on you.  It meant you were going to get new clothes.  And just to make sure my grandma was always right, any time a ladybug lands on me, I go out and buy a new pair of socks.  (I have a thing for socks.)

As usual, Mr. Aerten did not grok the fabulousness of doodles as I colored this one in.


Ladybug (c) Kelly Naylor 2008