Doodle Week: Outer Space

Doodle Week, Day 2… we continue our quest to find interesting inked lines on paper.  Some are colored in.  Some are not.  This one is.

Ok, all of mine are… but there are other people participating in Doodle Week who don’t bother with the color.

This one is kind of like The Planets, only different.  Apparently, I like these colored concentric and interwoven circles.  I know Beamer is shocked.  LOL

Outer Space

Outer Space (c) Kelly Naylor 2008

11 Responses to “Doodle Week: Outer Space”

  1. chatblanc says:

    I always think of space as black and dark, so I love your doodle with all the color. How refreshing! Thanks for brightening my day! 🙂

    chatblanc’s last blog post… Pop psych*

  2. Heather says:

    I always look forward to seeing what new piece you have every morning…love the circles and colors…


    Heather’s last blog post… Wonderful Wedding!

  3. Monique says:

    Oh I love that. So colorful!

    Monique’s last blog post… Why Yes, I Am A Racist!

  4. You’ve obviously thought outside the box, er, galaxy! Fabulous!

    WillThink4Wine’s last blog post… Doodle Space

  5. Margaret says:

    Super cool one, Kelly! How do you get those circles so perfect every time? I can’ draw a straight line much less a circle!


    Margaret’s last blog post… Male Blue Grosbeak

  6. haleyhughes says:

    Yeah, are you doing those circles free-hand or using a compass or something?

    I love your vision of space. Very optimistic.

    Happy doodling!

  7. Kelly says:

    @chatblanc & @WillThink4Wine… I know, right? Space is black with little sparkly white stars. Ha! Not in MY universe! LOL

    @Margaret & @Haley… I have with wicked cool circle template thingy I found in the local artist store. Remember spyrographs? Sort of like that, only not. OMG, I just LOVE IT!! Not that you could tell, of course.

  8. Beamer says:

    Dare I say it, You have circles down to an art Form. lol

    I guess I am a big fan of the Orb as well. I am curious though: Small, medium, large cups, pie tins and plates or a compass. I’m guessing the later.

    Carry on and thanks for the mention actually in your Blog. I am Honored.


    Beamer’s last blog post… The Alley way

  9. Stine says:

    Wonderful colors!

    Stine’s last blog post… Oh, The Joys Brats Give You…

  10. BK says:

    I like this piece of doodle. It kind of change my perception. Outer space, though I have never been there yet, is always pit dark and black. After seeing your doodle, I simply exclaimed out, “Why does outer space has to be pit dark or black?”

    Also reminds me of the other day when my niece was coloring an elephant purple and her grandmother and aunties were also saying that she was wrong; there is no purple elephant in this world. Although I felt we should not limit her imagination, I did not voice out my perspective. I will know what to do next time 🙂

    BK’s last blog post… Everything Happened for a Reason

  11. Kelly says:

    @BK… Speak up!! Don’t let anyone crush the creativity of a child! Did you ever listen to Harry Chapin’s song Flowers Are Red? Read the words, listen to the song… it makes me cry every time I hear it.

    “There are so many colors in the rainbow, so many colors in the morning sun, so many colors in the flower and I see every one.”

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