Doodle Week: Garden

More circles!  In fact, there are circles within circles surrounded by dots.  Can I tell you how happy and giddy that makes me?  (I swear not every doodle this week is going to be a circle.  Promise!)

By the way, don’t be shy about suggesting I auction off any of these exciting little bits of happiness.  I might actually oblige (if I can bear to part with them, that is).

Oh, and all the new stars at the bottom of the posts and in the comments?  Yeah, most of you already know what that’s all about.  And if you don’t…  Here, read this.  Trying to explain it would make my head implode.  And that would mean no more doodles from me.

Garden Flowers

Garden Flowers (c) Kelly Naylor 2008

15 Responses to “Doodle Week: Garden”

  1. Mark says:

    So, you’re definitely saying that tomorrow’s doodle for a vacation definitely won’t be a circular swimming pool with a rubber ring floating in it?

    Mark’s last blog post… Doodle Week II – Doodle Garden

  2. Kelly says:

    Yes Mark, I’m absolutely positively promising that tomorrow’s doodle of Vacation will not be circular. In fact, there are many straight lines! LOL

  3. haleyhughes says:

    Circles within circles surrounded by dots. You must be ecstatic!

    If Sezwho didn’t implode your brain, surely tomorrows straight lines might. You can’t come off of circles cold-turkey like that. 🙂

    haleyhughes’s last blog post… Doodle Outer Space

  4. fragileheart says:

    lol now I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s!! I love this though – very cute doodle for ‘garden’

  5. Kelly says:

    @Heley… ha ha! Just watch me! There are NO circles in tomorrow’s doodle (unless you count the circular letters I doodled, but I don’t because they’re words not doodles).

    @fragileheart… STRAIGHT LINES! (That was just a bit of a tease there.)

  6. Margaret says:

    Now this one I really like! I will confess to not being big on abstract art. It has to kinda sorta look like something to truly appeal to me, but that’s the left side-right side brain thing going on in me and in no way reflects the true depth of your talent.

    I am waiting with bated breath (ok I KNOW I should have brushed after lunch — commenting on all these doodles just sucked up all the time!) for tomorrows.


  7. Kelly says:

    @Margaret… gum? LOL Fortunately, I don’t feel threatened or diminished when the whole world doesn’t love my art. Abstract art isn’t for everyone. But I figure… I’m into so many different things, everyone is eventually going to find something they like.

  8. Heather says:

    I love this doodling…art of any kind works for me but I do prefer abstract…


    Heather’s last blog post… Wonderful Wedding!

  9. Carol says:

    So, I’ve been stopping by daily and looking at the doodles, but I don’t really get what’s going on. Is it a type of meme or contest? Or do you just doodle a lot because you’re an artist? (I’m pretty sure you are an artist.)

    And you have that blasted SezWho! I want it!!! But no …. It’s only available for two platforms and TyepPad’s not one of them.

    It’s pretty cool!

    Carol’s last blog post… Nurturing Young Musicians

  10. LuckyGirl says:

    Oh, gosh, and I was hoping this was going to be all circle doodle week! I really do like the circles. Straight lines might be nice, I’ll check in tomorrow and see, but they can’t be as cool as circles.

    LuckyGirl’s last blog post… I Finally Made Something–a Temari!

  11. Beamer says:

    Well, it seems to be drawing in the comments. Wow. A big difference.

    You already know how I feel about your fantastic work.

    Again, very nice.


    Beamer’s last blog post… The Alley way

  12. Elise says:

    Lovely garden! Colorful and cool!
    – Elise

    Elise’s last blog post… Thursday of Doodle Week: Doodle Vacation

  13. Kelly says:

    @Heather… a fan of abstract! Excellent! Once less person I have to convert to the Abstract Lifestyle. LOL

    @Carol… it’s sort of a roaming art exhibit. I think. To get the complete low down, you’ll need to check in with Claire and Laura, the Doodle Masters. But everyone doodles. We’re just sharing ’em with the entire world. Surprisingly, I never thought to share doodles before I discovered Doodle Week, despite the fact that I am, indeed, an artist. (And maybe if the SezWho people see a desire by Typepad users, they’ll get moving on a version for you!)

    @Lucky Girl… well, yes. Circles are THE BEST! But sometimes it’s good to take a break from circles so that when you come back to them, they’re all the more wonderful. Or something.

    @Beamer… I’m so glad I was able to convert you to the Abstract Lifestyle. ROFL

    @Elise… and I don’t have to weed it! That’s totally the best part.

  14. Tam says:

    This one is definately my favourite of your doodle week doodles.

    Tam’s last blog post… Guest Blog – Majik’s Thoughts

  15. Kelly says:

    @Tam… I may put this one up on Etsy. Such difficult decisions. Etsy… auction… Etsy… auction?

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