Doodle Week: Evil

After I finished doodling this one, I thought it was really cool…  until I stepped back from the table and got some perspective.  OMG!  It looks like a clown or harlequin, and we all know clowns are evil!

Actually, I never had any problem with clowns until Stephen King wrote It.  Great.  Thanks, Stephen.  You kind of suck.  Fortunately, I have a friend who does clowning and she’s an awesome person, so it’s only Stephen King clowns that are evil.

And despite the fact that there are many curves, there is only one circle.

Evil Clown

Evil Clown (c) Kelly Naylor 2008

25 Responses to “Doodle Week: Evil”

  1. Mark says:

    Yes, there is definitely some harlequin in there so that’s evil epitomised as far as I’m concerned too.

    Mark’s last blog post… Doodle Week II – Doodle Evil

  2. Carol says:

    Yeah, I quit reading King shortly after “It”. Things started getting pretty gross after that.

    I don’t know about your doodle, though. I don’t typically associate evil with harlequin. And your colors and shapes look happy to me. The red/green patterns seem to be in front of the gold/purple patterns for a kind of 3D effect, which is cool.

    Orange & red flames…That’s what I’d doodle for evil. If I could doodle.

    Carol’s last blog post…

  3. Margaret says:

    This is a very UN-evil drawing. It is so un-evil that it is almost good… make that GREAT!

    Margaret’s last blog post… Bermuda Grass — Bane of my Existence!

  4. Redbeard76 says:

    You’ll float. We all float down here. -Pennywise

    Love the harlequin colours, I once did a self-portrait in high school with colours like that. A+ for the variation on a theme (you on a stamp)…

    Redbeard76’s last blog post… Doodle Week: Vacation Doodle

  5. Polly says:

    I do like your doodle – the proportions and mix of colours are very pleasing to look at … I would be tempted to frame it.

    Polly’s last blog post… Cautious Cat

  6. Kelly says:

    It’s evil, I tell you! EVIL!! LOL

    @Redbeard… you have confused me with your talk of floating stamps. Ouch. My poor brain. But I get an A+, so I like that.

    @Polly… if you would frame it, perhaps you will buy it if I put it in my Etsy shop, eh? Or bid on it if I auction it? Yes? Yes?

  7. Jennyjinx says:

    It is evil. I was staring at it trying to find the elusive circle, was hypnotized and was forced to refuse to allow Lil’ Miss to get a tattoo from a “friend of a friend”. I am now the Evul Mummy™.

    Actually, I quite like it. The colors are perfect.

  8. Kelly says:

    @Jenny… that settles it. This will be next week’s auction. And I’m an evil mother unit, too. Yay for us!

  9. Jenn says:

    “It” certainly didn’t help kid-Clown relations, did it? I was, of course, already traumatized by the evil clown doll in “Poltergeist.” Anyway, kudos to you for having the most swirly, colorful and rather cheery Evil doodle I’ve seen so far today. 🙂

    Jenn’s last blog post… Celebrating Doodle Week: Doodle Evil

  10. haleyhughes says:

    It was the evil clown in “Poltergeist” that did it for me. Now all clowns are creepy and not-quite-right. My sister-in-law wants to have clowns at her child’s first birthday party, and I just shudder and try to keep the “WHY?!?!?” buried deep inside.

    I like the shapes in this piece a lot. You’re into circles. I’m into scrolls. 🙂

    haleyhughes’s last blog post… Doodle Evil

  11. Kelly says:

    @Jenn… you understand! Evil doesn’t have to be dark and creepy all the time. Sometimes Evil is bright and cheery. That’s what makes it all the more evil… cuz you just don’t suspect it.

    @haleyhughes… I glad now I never saw Poltergeist. And you’ll bid on this one? Good, good. hee hee

  12. fragileheart says:

    I found it, I found the circle! Though it’s not complete… you have to complete it with your mind. hehe I haven’t seen that movie, but I do think that clown can be scary in the right (or wrong) circumstances!

  13. Kelly says:

    It’s all there! LOL It’s just divided up into two parts and two colors. I’m tricky that way.

  14. YummY! says:

    Hmmm…even IT didn’t make me loath/fear clowns. It did, however, give me a waryness for storm drains.

  15. chatblanc says:

    I definitely think clowns are evil, but I love your doodle! Awesome! 🙂

    chatblanc’s last blog post… Healthy Schmealthy

  16. Kelly says:

    @YummY… yes, storm drains are far worse than clowns. Next time, I’ll have to remember to doodle a storm drain.

    @chatblanc… sometimes Evil takes rather attractive forms, doesn’t it? heh heh heh

  17. Heather says:

    Great doodle…a bit of everything…straight lines, curves, and even a circle…never had a fear of clowns but I didn’t read IT either!! :0)

    Heather’s last blog post… Wonderful Wedding!

  18. Kelly says:

    @Heather… don’t read it! Though, to be fair, The Tommyknockers was much more frightening. I couldn’t abide the color green for years. LOL

  19. Mike says:

    Stephen King ruins all sorts of things that are supposed to be happy. Anytime I go in an airport I think about seeing all of existence being eaten by strange flying fuzzy monster things…. that’s a Langoliers joke in case nobody gets it.

    Your doodle strikes me, with the bold colors and stripes, as something that would show up at a Renaissance Festival.

    Mike’s last blog post… Interview – Boiled In Lead – 7.18.08

  20. Black Cat says:

    Clowns are scary!

    Black Cat’s last blog post… Doodle Week – Friday: Doodle Evil

  21. Beamer says:

    Nice. I know of where those curves come from.

    I love Stephen King.


    Beamer’s last blog post… An Abstract of sorts

  22. shearyadi says:

    Wow…I see so many “Who am I” here 🙂 BTW, I see a joker inside your doodle, nice one!

    shearyadi’s last blog post… Doodle evil, Bee is fighting against the evil

  23. Stine says:

    “It” certainly did the trick for me too… Great doodle!

    Stine’s last blog post… A Summer Accessory

  24. Kelly says:

    @Mike… Stephen King ruined the entire state of Maine for me. I used to think it was a great place. After all, Hawkeye Piece is from Crabapple Cove. Darn the man. And a Ren Faire, eh? Perhaps I’ll manage to get to the Ren Faire out here later this summer and take this with me to see what people think about it.

    @Shearyadi… a joker? See?!? Another evil thing!! 🙂

  25. Claire says:

    While your explanation may be evil, your not doodle is not.

    I give you one fang out of five for evilness 🙂

    Claire’s last blog post… Doodle Pet

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