Another Doodle

But again, I am not keeping with the Doodle Week theme.

I thought this one looked like one of those Charm Pops with the gum inside.  I’m not a fan of gum, but I do like nougat-y goodness.  So.  This is nougat surrounded by a delicious candy shell, and sprinkled with those sour bits you find on Sour Patch Kids.

Um.  Yes, I think it’s obvious I haven’t had breakfast yet.

(Psst.  Go read the Claire Visit post on Blah Blah Blah.)

Delicious Nougat Center

Delicious Nougat Center © Kelly Naylor 2008

3 Responses to “Another Doodle”

  1. haleyhughes says:

    You’re making me hungry too. That doodle looks delicious!

    haleyhughes’s last blog post… Not so Wordless Wednesday: A conversation with Loki

  2. Charm’s Blow Pops! Oh, that takes me back. I always nagged my mom for them, and she never got me any. She told me I wouldn’t like it. When I finally tried one, of course, she was right. Dang it!

    JD at I Do Things’s last blog post… I Had a Perm so you don’t have to

  3. Kelly says:

    @Haley… Yeah, and now I’m getting hungry. Not good, since I have no food at all around me. Darn. I may have to leave my cozy hotel room.

    @JD… Those Blow Pops really sucked. They didn’t even taste a little bit good. I can’t remember why I thought I liked them. Maybe it was the commercials?

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