Mechanical Infinity

Despite the fact that I doodled this while watching Babylon 5 several months ago, it took me until just this minute to realize that it is.  Yeah… that’s the B5 station and some ships (possibly Earth Force or Vorlon, definitely not Centauri or Narn) in front of the jump gate.

And this just goes to prove that I really don’t have any idea what I’m creating when I get art materials in my hands.

Of course, Mr. Aerten didn’t see the same thing… but that’s because he’s an architect and not a starship captain wannabe.

Mechanical Infinity

Mechanical Infinity © Kelly Naylor 2008

3 Responses to “Mechanical Infinity”

  1. fragileheart says:

    Wow so you’re both artsy fartsy but in different forms, that’s so neat. Of course, I don’t see it either – but that’s just because I don’t watch B5… hehe

  2. Kelly says:

    Mr. Aerten was into B5 long before I was, and he still doesn’t see it… even after I point it out to him. Whatever. LOL He DOES get all my Stargate stuff though, so I guess that’s good.

  3. Beamer says:

    Very Nice Work.


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